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2/502 Vietnam Veterans


We hold our reunions in CONJUCTION with the 101st National Association. The key words are: Conjunction with. The Nation Association can negotiate room, lunch and dinner cost. They cover all costs (such as insurance) and do all the leg work with hotels and negotiate with sponsors.

We are just too small a group to get the same discounts from hotels. They also help us with our lunch rates and any support Jim and Dale need. With that said, this is all we get from the National Association.

We are self sufficient. We pay completely for all of our reunion costs.

This is your reunion, we just organize it.

There is also a 502 Regiment dinner and you can choose to attend. This is separate from the National Registration and the 2/502 VN registration. This is an option, but it is not mandatory to attend.

Because the National Association gives us a break on rooms and offers you other amenities, we make it MANDATORY for all 2/502 members to register with them. There are 3 levels of registration:

  1. Hospitality room only.
  2. Hospitably room and dinner.
  3. Hospitably room, breakfast and dinner.

These levels of registration may change from reunion to reunion but hope this helps answer any questions you may have on registrations.

We are also aware of the individual costs for each member to attend. This is why we do our best to keep our 2/502 Registration cost VERY LOW. Our registration cost pays for the goodie bag, i.e. hats and other items in your bag at registration, our lunch, and to help with the cost we incur during the year with postage, web site and other costs. Our Gift items, luncheon, and other reunion essentials cost us between $7200 between $7500 per Reunion. Let me tell you up front, many of us (Committee members) pay for much of the costs out of our pockets.

Many of you have asked “What can I do to help?”

We have the cost of mailings. Registration and Information forms are sent to all of those who do not have internet access. BOTTOM LINE - You (2/502 VN) pay for all of the Reunion Costs with donations and registration monies. This is why we only hold our reunions every other year, this helps many save for every 2 years, it could be a hardship on some to have a reunion every year, and it's not our intentions to put a monetary burden on anyone.


* We support the Screaming Eagle Support Fund. This assists the Active Duty Troops that are serving from Iraq, Afghanistan, other countries and Fort Campbell. We have been doing this since 2006 (Atlanta). If a trooper is overseas serving our country the last thing we want them to do is worry that their families are in financial needs. This helps them with peace of mind to help carry out their mission. This helps insure babies have food and diapers and others may have school clothes. We did not have this support when we were in service, this is the least we can do for our young soldiers and their families.

* We proudly place Wreaths at Ft Campbell (2/502 Memorial) and in Washington DC for both Memorial Day and Veterans Day.

* We have committed to purchase pavers for 2/502 KIA Soldiers whose families are not able to provide this Memorial. As of 3/2011, we have purchased pavers costing over $1500.

We would like to support many of the other Regimental Programs and requests, we just can't afford to at this time.

We hope this helps you now see why we ask for donations and what the registration process is.


Our goal is very simple, to get you hooked back up with your buddies from Nam, and provide a place to meet with others of our proud Battalion. To help with costs, by having the reunion every 2 years. And to help our soldiers any way we can.

Donations of any amount are always needed and are graciously accepted.

Make checks payable to


and mail checks to

Ron Gillette
537 Andrea Circle
Livermore, CA 94550

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