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The Screaming Eagle Support Fund began as a “Flag Fund” to purchase flags for those who died on 9/11. Shortly after the fund was established, it became apparent that the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) would likely be deployed in the fight against terrorism and the Association changed the name to The Screaming Eagle Support Fund and defined its purpose as providing assistance to soldiers and their families in financial stress by purchasing vouchers for use in the Commissary

As the Fund grew and was utilized, requests were received from soldiers and families for needs beyond basic food The purpose of the “Screaming Eagle Support Fund,” is to provide monetary assistance to the soldiers of the 101st Airborne Division and assigned/attached units and their families at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. The vast majority of the funds disbursed will be to the junior enlisted soldiers and their immediate families through special programs such as the Junior Enlisted Family Center, the B.O.S.S. Program and by direct grants to soldiers during emergencies on an as-needed individual basis.

The fund is supervised and fiscal oversight is provided by the Executive Secretary-Treasurer and the Finance Committee, with the SESF Committee making recommendations for disbursements in excess of $300.00

The 2/502 VN has supported this fund for the past few years.

We encourage all of our members to help us with a contribution of any size.

We won’t let what happened to Us, happen to our Troopers today.

Please make all donation checks payable to:


(send a note that the money is for the Screaming Eagle Support Fund)
and mail them to

Ron Gillette
537 Andrea Circle
Livermore, CA 94550