2nd 502 Battalion
Member Roster

Last Update - December 14, 2022

The most current version of the Roster will be posted here in Adobe Acrobat format.  If you do not have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download it here:   Download Adobe Acrobat Reader
The roster has a date which you can compare to the one above to see if you have the latest..

The roster is Password Protected

You can get the password from one of the contacts below.
The same password will be kept for updated versions, so you will only have to get it once.

In order to download the roster to your computer:
Click with the Right Mouse Button on the link below, and select "Save File As"

2nd 502 Member Roster (pdf)

To get the password, you must be listed on the roster or provide enough information on your service to show us you were a member of the O Deuce.  

Please keep your contact information up to date, either by
1. Posting in the GUEST BOOK
2. Filling out the form below:

Password Contacts: