We have seen what most men have not seen,
We have done what most men have not done,
We have memories that at times are still very vivid.
At times we may seem distant, yet we know
You are always never far from us.
At times we react to the smallest thing,
with a much greater response.
At times we keep things in,
when we are really looking to share.
But in all of these reactions and moods,
It is You who are always there.
There to comfort, There to console,
There to give advice, and help us through rough times.
There to lift us up, and freely give of yourself.
There to give us Love, unconditionally.
It is to You that we owe our greatest honor,
for without You we would not be the men we are.
Even though we may never say it,
You are the reason we are able to go on.