2/502 Vietnam Veterans
Reunion Changes Update - from Dale Joritz

I want to pass on the information I have been given. I did not attend the reunion in Colorado Springs, so I am relying on “what I have been told”.

The Division Assoc. has reduced the number of Governors from 22 to 14.
They made the choice to realign Brigades and Regiments to mirror the present troop arrangement at Ft. Campbell.
The “First Brigade” is now made up of the Battalions of the 327th
The “Second Brigade” is now made up of BOTH the Battalions of the 502nd.

To my knowledge, There is suppose to be a Regimental Dinner ONLY IF someone steps up to organize it. At this point there is NO GOVERNOR assigned for the 502nd. We will have to wait to hear from the Div. Assoc. on if there will be a Brigade/Regimental Dinner.

NONE of the above mentioned CHANGES will EFFECT Our 2/502 Luncheon. The 2/502 will continue to operate and do the things we have always done.

What we ask is that you attend our Luncheon on Saturday.
The choice of (Regimental - Brigade) dinner that YOU wish to attend will be totally YOUR choice.
The same goes as for what (Regimental - Brigade) meeting YOU choose to take part in.

We have always asked for your input, and we have always followed the decision of the members of the 2/502. Just like in Atlanta (2006) when a vote was taken, you chose to follow the Division rather than the 1st Brigade. We will ALWAYS put our guys first.

We all have opinions, and mine plus $3 will still get you a cup of coffee. My opinion doesn't matter, it's my opinion. Making sure you have a great reunion is ALL THAT MATTERS. If you want to call me, I will give you my opinion, but I won't try to influence yours.

As in Colorado Springs, the registration fee will be $101.00 per person.
This will include ALL of the events (NOT TOURS) that the Division Assoc. offers.
The Ladies Luncheon will be a separate fee.
If YOU choose to attend ALL or just Some of the events - The registration will remain the same.

Our REGISTRATION (2/502) will again REMAIN the same as it has been for the last 4 reunions.

Strike Force