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Name: Terry Van Sickle
Company/Unit: N/A
Date Posted: 22:20, 13 Nov 2017
Message: To: Charles Otstott

My brothers name was Tom Joseph, he died October 2nd of 67. Your journal explained what happened to him. Families too put the war away from themselves in order to survive. It is only now on the 50 anniversary I could bare to try to search for information on how he died. I want you to know , he was awarded a bronze star for his actions in August when he was also wounded. I continue to search for any who knew him .

Thank You for putting your part of the war here.

Name: Ed Vogel
Company/Unit: B 2\502
Dates: Oct 69 - Oct 70
Date Posted: 15:21, 11 Nov 2017
Message: Happy Veterans Day. It was great to hook up with Henry (Hank) Olszyk on this site, I have been searching for a long time. We are getting ready to go to the Maryland Vietnam Memorial Service, hope all of you have a great day! Ed

Name: Randy Hyde
Company/Unit: B
Dates: 2/69-2/70
Date Posted: 16:04, 30 Oct 2017
Message: Watched "Inside the Viet Nam War on National Geographic last night. Three hours long. Gary Hillyer was in it with a couple of interviews. It also covered Dong Ap Bia and FSB Ripcord.

Name: Henry Olszyk. Hank
Company/Unit: B 2/502
Dates: 5/69 - 4/70
Date Posted: 19:49, 20 Oct 2017
Message: Just want to thank Randy Hyde for some pictures and bringing back some memories
Strike Force

Name: Gonzalo Estrada Jr.
Company/Unit: A Co 2/502
Dates: May 1966 to 1967
Date Posted: 21:30, 04 Oct 2017
Message: Looking for anyone who served with my dad.

Name: Joe Cortez
Company/Unit: C/502
Dates: 1968-1969
Date Posted: 18:19, 28 Sep 2017
Message: Attempting to find members of my infantry squad.
I did find June Smith, but he passed away a few years ago
There is still my point man, Betencourt, "Chicken Man" he wore a feather on his helmet, and my M60 gunner from Blackfoot, Idaho.

Name: Russell Powell
Company/Unit: Bco. 2/502
Dates: Apr 70 - Mar 71
Date Posted: 17:52, 23 Sep 2017
Message: Been watching also much we never knew when we was young and dumb...yes Id say been pretty good so far...Dak To is where Ole Sab earned the Distinguished Service Cross....hellova all who were there for that matter....

Name: Randy Hyde
Company/Unit: B Co.
Dates: 69-70
Date Posted: 21:12, 22 Sep 2017
Message: Been watching the Viet Nam War on PBS. Episode 3 featured PFC Denton Crocker, A Co. KIA 6/4/66. Also mentioned Hank Emerson. So far, the series is well done

Name: margaret m downs
Date Posted: 03:04, 22 Sep 2017
Message: Looking for John S. "Mad Dog" Chadwick from Caldwell, New Jersey. I have a scrapbook of all the letters he wrote me and some photos. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Name: Russell Powell
Company/Unit: Bco. 2/502
Dates: Apr 70 - Mar 71
Date Posted: 23:54, 15 Sep 2017
Message: The Oh Deuce video is great with good pics....good one of Ole Sab....I have a CD of the Oh Deuce that was made in Iraq 2003 that my boy brought home with him...brought a tear to my eye to watch...hard to believe we were young once ourselves....anyone interested in a copy shoot me an e-mail...I will burn one for you...guarantee tear for you also....Strike Force All Russell

Name: Russell Powell
Company/Unit: Bco. 2/502
Dates: Apr 70 - Mar 71
Date Posted: 23:37, 15 Sep 2017
Message: Glad to see site is still up and running...I see next reunion is in Illinois...hope to see some of you there...Are there any survivors of "Comeback Ridge" still around? And does anyone have a grid coordinance of John M Del Vecchio and James Brinker in New England? Iɽ like to get them to sign my books before I die... shoot me an e-mail if you do plz... Welcome Home All....Russell

Name: Jenny Burdett, sister Stephen M Worley
Company/Unit: HHC 2/502 Recon
Dates: Oct 1966-March 1968
Date Posted: 01:11, 09 Sep 2017
Message: looking for anyone who served with my brother, Cpl Stephen M a Worley KIA March 10, 1968 near Hue

Name: Ray Seibert
Company/Unit: C Co 2nd 502
Dates: June 65 to oct 65
Date Posted: 18:12, 31 Aug 2017
Message: I went to Nam in June of 65 arrriving in Cam Rahn Bay. The ship we arrived in was an old relic named the USS Gen Leroy El Tinge. I" curious to know where we were aafter leaving Cam Rahn. We didn't know squat. Just curious.

Name: Marion
Company/Unit: A CO 2/327 Inf, 101st ABN
Dates: 1970
Date Posted: 14:06, 23 Aug 2017
Message: re: My previous guest book entry.

I forgot to include my e-mail address. It's

No Slack,

Name: Marion
Company/Unit: A CO 2/327 Inf, 101st ABN
Dates: 1970
Date Posted: 12:37, 23 Aug 2017
Message: Good morning troops. A friend of mine, who is a retired Sgt Major, has a massive collection of military patches. I'm trying to get him the ones he is missing from the 1st Brigade when the 101st was in Vietnam. I have not been able to find one for the 2/502. Did you guys have your own battalion patch? If so, does anyone know where I can get one for him?

No Slack
(Sgt) Marion "Mouse" Hammond DMOR
Alpha Company, 1st Platoon
2nd BN, 327th Inf Reg
101st ABN (Airmobile)
Vietnam 1970

Name: Dale Joritz
Company/Unit: C company
Dates: 68-69
Date Posted: 06:37, 06 Aug 2017
Message: To All of Our STRIKE FORCE Brothers

On Wednesday – August 23, at Fort Campbell we will be Rededication Our 2/502 Monument.
The Ceremony will take place at 11:00 AM near the corner of Screaming Eagle Blvd. and Tennessee Ave.
We will be honoring All of Our 474 KIAs
Our Monument was the FIRST on all of Fort Campbell to honor KIAs from Vietnam.
It was originally dedicated in 1986.
There were 26 names that slipped through the cracks and were not present on the monument.
Being the OLDEST monument, it also needed as updated face lift, to once again make it the Crown Jewel of the 502ND.

After a short ceremony, we will be having Lunch with the Active Duty Troops in attendance.
Directions will be available to get to the New 502nd Area, and the 502nd Mess Hall (which is more like a Buffet Restaurant)

There is NO COST (except Lunch) for this.
We would ask You to really consider attending this Ceremony for Our Fallen.
At this point we have over 35 men and wives who will be in attendance.
This is a time when the Strike Force really needs to come together.

Please email or call me, so we can put You on the list

Strike Force

Dale Joritz – C/2/502 ‘68 - 248-399-5774

All those attending will need a Valid Drivers license or Military ID to Enter Fort Campbell.

Name: Phil Gatto
Company/Unit: C Co/HHC Recondo
Dates: Oct. 66-May 67
Date Posted: 17:07, 29 Jul 2017
Message: Paul Grimes, I was on the patrol (C Co. at the time) when Sgt. Yost shot the tiger that was about to jump Jim Buppert. Remember carrying that thing strapped to a pole back down that stream and the chopper with the Star and Stripes guy coming out to take the tiger and Yost's photo. I later went to the Recondo platoon and was wounded on May 17, 67.

Name: Terry Buck
Company/Unit: B Co. 2/502 Wpns. Plt.
Dates: July '65 - June '66
Date Posted: 20:58, 24 Jul 2017
Message: Enjoyed the wonderfully miserable 21 day Pacific cruise aboard the luxurious LeRoy (the scow) Eltinge. Sweltering heat, salt water showers, bunked in the holds, less than stellar meals made for an unforgettable traveling experience. The sands of Cam Ranh Bay were a welcome sight. Here's to all the Boat People.

Name: Herbert Dale Bunch
Dates: 11/10/70-11/9/71
Date Posted: 23:23, 20 Jul 2017
Message: Looking man I served with from Mickey, TN that we called Gomer.

Name: Gordon Holtzlander
Company/Unit: C &/D co
Dates: 1-68 to 8-68
Date Posted: 13:11, 04 Jul 2017
Message: Art Goldsmith. I found you my friend!

Name: Tom Tellier
Email: tatellier@mindspring
Company/Unit: Recondos
Dates: 67
Date Posted: 19:08, 01 Jul 2017
Message: is there a KIA list of Recondos with dates? Don't know who did not make it back to the World Tnx

Name: frank hill
Company/Unit: a co. 1sqd. 1st plt.
Dates: 1/70-5/70
Date Posted: 00:07, 13 Jun 2017
Message: wounded by scrapnel from our own m79 when they blew a cave entrance, been a long journey bros. in march or april 70. was humping the pig at that time.

Name: James Lopes
Company/Unit: D Co. 2/502
Dates: 69-70
Date Posted: 22:34, 26 May 2017
Message: New phone number above.
Looking for Jon Todd and Kevin Timpy. Both were originally from New Jersey. I served with both 69-70.
Welcome home to all Eagles

Name: Ken Kantor
Company/Unit: Headquarter and Echo
Dates: Jan - Oct 1971
Date Posted: 01:28, 25 May 2017
Message: It was an honor to serve with you guys.

Name: Richard Cobb
Company/Unit: HHC Recondo
Dates: 1967
Date Posted: 00:00, 22 May 2017
Message: Tom "Beetle" Bailey (Recondo 67-68) will be interred in Arlington Cemetery on June 20 at 2pm. Any updates/changes will be posted here.

Name: Kalab Evans
Date Posted: 19:54, 21 May 2017
Message: My cousin Wayne Noth served with b co 2nd bn 502nd inf 101st abn div from 68-69 when he was inevitably KIA on 17 JUN 1969 at FSB Currahee. Ive been trying to find more of his comrades that he served with. I have had contact with his platoon leader, and a couple other guys from other companies. Even got pictures from one of the gentlemen. Thanks

Name: Rebecca (Becky) Shumate widow of Wiliam (Bill-y) Shumate
Company/Unit: 2nd Bn CoD 502inf
Dates: 1971
Date Posted: 16:20, 08 Apr 2017
Message: God bless you wonderful heros. My late husband served in Vietnam during 71. I've just recenty found a few pages of lists of medals awarded him with names of some others that he served with over there. He did not talk much if at all about his experiences in country and his family and I would love to get in contact with anyone who was in his unit, to perhaps learn a little more about that part of his life. He was a wonderful husband and father of 7 children. We lived in No VA and moved to Lynchburg area in 1987 where most of us still reside. Thank you

Name: Ron Benkey
Company/Unit: HHC 2/502RECON - RTO
Dates: 3/67 - 3/68
Date Posted: 22:59, 24 Mar 2017
Message: Served with Col "Bald Eagle"

Name: Ed Vogel
Company/Unit: B. C0. 2/502
Dates: Oct.69 Oct.70
Date Posted: 22:58, 06 Mar 2017
Message: New update for the roster. Welcome Home!

Company/Unit: HHC 2/502RECON
Dates: 1966-1967
Date Posted: 08:09, 02 Mar 2017
Message: Wish one year soon the Oduche would come to Arkansas for its get too go.

Name: Jason Baltutis
Date Posted: 15:13, 28 Feb 2017
Message: Have a good friend here in Milwaukee, WI that served with 2/502nd (1969-1969). His name is Theodore Palmatier and would love to connect with anybody who served with him. We're trying to get a little more of his history out of him and put together a shadow box for him but he is a very humble man. Please contact me if you know this guy! Thanks.

Name: Bobby Elliott
Company/Unit: Co.B
Dates: 1969-1970
Date Posted: 03:04, 20 Feb 2017
Message: Looking to find some old buddies from Nam

Name: Vincent P. Ricciardi
Company/Unit: B Company
Dates: 4/68 to 7/68
Date Posted: 17:36, 15 Jan 2017
Message: I am so happy to see that the O-duce has a site! Widow Makers

Name: John Hallahan
Company/Unit: 2nd 502 e company
Dates: June 1968 - Jan 28, 1970
Date Posted: 00:17, 03 Jan 2017
Message: I want to connect to Milton Caraballo. But there is no email or phone number to make contact. I believed we served together, in fact I know we did.

Name: John Hallahan
Company/Unit: 2nd 502 e company
Dates: June 1968 - Jan 28, 1970
Date Posted: 00:15, 03 Jan 2017
Message: I want to connect to Milton Caraballo. But there is no email or phone number to make contact. I believed we served together, in fact I know we did.

Name: Paul E. Grimes
Company/Unit: HHC S-4
Dates: Oct 66-July 67
Date Posted: 05:03, 27 Nov 2016
Message: Guys, I keep reconnecting then lose contact w/ you guys. You're the best guys I ever had the pleasure of meeting and this fact was confirmed when I attended Atlanta reunion back several years ago. I guess you're still a group and I hope to rejoin you and stay in touch as long as GOD allows us!
All the very best!
Reading some of these entries I was also there when that tiger was killed. Most of you 502 guys stayed at our 502nd TAC CP location on your way to/from your unit in the field. We handled your PRC25 medivac requests and resupplied you every 3 days by chopper. Saboloskie gave me my Sgt orders and it was an immense pleasure to serve w/ such a brave, highly qualified infantry "band of brothers". GOD bless you all who are still survivors!!! Paul Grimes/ 862 368 1908 /

Name: Joel Stiff
Company/Unit: Fox co 526 FSC
Dates: February 2005 to February 2007
Date Posted: 07:36, 08 Nov 2016
Message: Fox co FSC supported 2/502 inf reg in OIF 3. I try to move on, but this will always be apart of me until death. Black Hearts forever!

Name: Art Goldsmith
Company/Unit: c 2/502
Date Posted: 02:47, 31 Oct 2016
Message: ROGER R. SEIPERT got an email?

Name: Art Goldsmith
Company/Unit: C 2/502
Dates: 67-68
Date Posted: 02:36, 31 Oct 2016

this is
Art Goldsmith just seen your response most of the guys called me Goldie
get me at

Name: james ( weasel ) townsend
Company/Unit: B/2nd B 502
Dates: july 27,1965-feb 21, 1966
Date Posted: 21:00, 18 Oct 2016
Message: Rendezvous with Destiny forever and always.

Name: For: Little Louie( Louis W. Bellach, Jr.)
Company/Unit: A 2/502 Alpha
Dates: 2/67-Sept. 27, 1967
Date Posted: 19:41, 04 Oct 2016
Message: I am not a vet but my cousin was " Little Louie" Louis W. Bellach, Jr. who was KIA Sept. 27, 1967. I was recently contacted by Manuel Albares, Sr. who was Louie's friend and the man next to Louie when he was killed. Mr. Albares and I spoke for almost 2hrs. and brought comfort and closure to those of us here in NY that loved our cousin. On behalf of Little Louie's remaining kin of which there are many thank you to his comrades for their service and who got Louie back home. Thank you. Sincerely, Bill Pentangelo

Name: Dave Cobb
Company/Unit: C Co
Dates: Feb 71- Dec 71
Date Posted: 00:33, 16 Aug 2016
Message: Please update ph number. New number is 479-462-6086.
Dave Cobb

Name: Frederick Dermyer
Company/Unit: Alpha 2nd/502 101st
Dates: 69-70
Date Posted: 00:23, 14 Aug 2016
Message: Looking for Herb Morrow.

Name: James
Company/Unit: B company 1st plt.
Dates: June '67 - May '68
Date Posted: 23:47, 02 Aug 2016
Message: In case I forget by the time I get to the reunion I would like to express a few things I know/feel about memorial monuments. Never spend the money for the project like you are on a budget. Once the plan is laid out No Changes. Plan on the high end of all estimates and cut no corners, this is a reflection of not only our fallen but our regiment. Cast aluminum is cutting a corner. Our crest is brass. Any finish on aluminum is subject to wear by weather. The colored (black and blue) areas of the regimental crest should be glass enamel believe me it is classy. The only part of a project like this is that needs to be done by a committee is the fund raising. Obviously we will need a head donger who is an asshole for detail and can read and approve contacts. When ever I know of a official committee I am in for one thousand dollars and will do all I can towards seeing this project to its completion.
I will be for ever humbled by the men I fought with and those that fell in our fight

Name: james bass
Company/Unit: -b/2/502
Dates: 01/69-01/70
Date Posted: 23:28, 01 Aug 2016
Message: was m-60 gunner and later rto company cp

Company/Unit: C CO/3RD Platoon
Dates: 1965-1966
Date Posted: 17:05, 30 Jul 2016

Name: dennis buckingham
Company/Unit: A/502 2plt 1st sqd
Dates: 1-70 3-71
Date Posted: 16:06, 24 Jul 2016
Message: was in country from 1-70 to 3-71, in field became sq. leader in may ,sept 15th 70 when I became supply sgt. for unit until I left country in 3-71 miss my bros have lost many since have had 27 surgeries, a heart attack and stroke????????????? still kicking but not as hard or as high

call or e.mail any time love ya my bros dennis (buck)

Name: Gary l. Harris
Company/Unit: delta
Dates: 1971/72
Date Posted: 21:23, 18 Jul 2016
Message: HI Gary Hart and Doug Utect in TEXAS. Hope ya,ll are doing good..Feel free to e_mail me or if you get close to Natches MS.stop by.

Name: Harvey L. Rucker
Company/Unit: HHC 2/502 Inf
Dates: 1965-1966
Date Posted: 16:33, 01 Jul 2016
Message: It was an honor to serve with the men of the Oɽuce. Some I knew their names and others by face. We went and done our duties as troopers . We fought in more campaignes and battles during that year than most units. The first major battle fought in Vietnam was by the Oɽuce and not the 1st Cav

Name: William P. Gruendler
Company/Unit: D 2/502
Dates: Oct 1971 - Jan 1972
Date Posted: 07:57, 30 Jun 2016
Message: 1971 Operation MONSOON DYNAMIC DEFENSE. On the 2nd of December, 1971 D Company, 2nd Battalion, 502nd Infantry was able to be
airlifted in about 2 clicks from the PLAYTEX 866 crash site. The next morning team from Graves
Registration and the Accident Board linked up with Delta Company, 2nd
Battalion, 502nd Infantry to move towards the site. It would take two more
days of cutting through the mountainous jungle to get there at 0830, December
1971, 7 days after the crash.
The aircraft was located 650 feet up the mountain, and was completely
demolished. Located in a creek bed, it had hit a 50 degree slope with such
impact that it caused its fuel cells to rupture resulting in a flash fire. There were
no survivors or any indication that anyone had survived.

Name: Randolph Worrell
Company/Unit: C 2/502
Dates: Jun 67 - Jun 68
Date Posted: 13:55, 28 Jun 2016
Message: Some of you from Charlie Company know that 8 years ago i was able to obtain Unit Rosters for Oct 67 & April 68 and have shared them with many. In the last year i have been trying to locate as many as possible for upcoming Reunion since we are not getting any younger, now with complete names from rosters i was able to locate Julius E Relaford , Jose B Castro and Joseph Rayno , all three will be attending their first Reunion in Norfolk . Sadly to report i found others no longer with us , Morris C Epps, John McDonald , David C French , Samuel ( M60) Roe , Tony Pimentel , David C Darby, Thomas Harms, Sgt Rock - Jasper Hurst jr ,Larry Wiley , Alexander F Painter lll , Ernest Curry , Lonnie L Sherrod , SFC Julius C Herron and just this month i received info from relatives of 4th Platoon SFC Albert W Fernandes that he passed years ago in Seattle Washington and that he did two more tours in NAM and was awarded two Silver Stars . After Nam in Aug 68 i was assigned to the 82nd at Bragg , heard that Fernandes and William Milton went to Training Batt at Benning . Several had been searching for Fernandes for Years , had interesting talk with his nephew who is a Lobster fisherman in his hometown in MASS.

Name: Christopher Smith
Company/Unit: HDQT-Med Pltn -Recon-Aco
Dates: Jul-67-Jun 13,68
Date Posted: 21:42, 14 Jun 2016

Name: Richard I. Bowden
Company/Unit: HHQ, 2/502
Dates: 6/67 - 6/68
Date Posted: 19:04, 07 Jun 2016
Message: I was S-4 SGT from 6/67 to 4/15/68. Squad Leader RECON Platoon 4/16/68-6/16/68.

Name: Edward (Dickout) Reulbach
Company/Unit: D/2/502
Dates: 1969
Date Posted: 21:59, 04 Jun 2016
Message: I changed my last name after coming home. Did not want my children going through what I did growing up. I was not with you for long, I got an infection in my left arm, it swelled up and three days later I was back at base camp. Was there for a couple of weeks, then to the 85th Evac for surgery. I was sent to Japan from there and then home a month later. Maybe some of you can help me remember "times" from over there; I remember no names.

Name: Gary C Hart
Company/Unit: Co D, 2nd Bn, 502nd
Dates: 5/7/1970 to 5/7/1971
Date Posted: 22:10, 31 May 2016
Message: Just found this site.....Would love to talk with anyone that was in my unit.

Name: Dale Joritz
Date Posted: 05:59, 30 May 2016
Message: Our Norfolk Reunion is coming soon. (Aug 17-20) I hope those who are wanting to attend, have made room reservations at the hotel, and will be mailing their registration forms before it is to late.
Think about it - You may be the person that someone else is wanting to see after all these years.
Strike Force

Name: Al Klindt
Company/Unit: HQ 2/502
Dates: 65/66
Date Posted: 13:25, 21 May 2016
Message: 051 B for Emmerson(Gunfighter) (Golf)

Name: Wilbern R. Marler
Company/Unit: C 2/502 101st Abn
Dates: Aug 69 - Oct 70
Date Posted: 12:38, 12 May 2016
Message: Wanting to talk to John G Roberts who published Might Men of Valor.

Name: Gerald E Alle
Company/Unit: BCo2/502
Dates: July 65 // July 66
Date Posted: 15:29, 05 May 2016
Message: Would like to hear from a vet that was in the same company B same time period
I went over on the orginal deployment on the USS General Leroy Eltinge I too had Maxwell's little boy as CO but he never made a mission and with a month and half he was deployed to Hawaii Only time we had fresh meat was that Thanksgiving when his father and his staff came to our company and had Turkey Son's name was Capt John T Taylor I lost all my slides and pic in a fire several years ago and have been lost without them
Stay safe

Name: Emmett Teague
Company/Unit: A co 2/502
Dates: Dec 65-Nov 66
Date Posted: 01:02, 27 Apr 2016
Message: would like to see roster

Name: Richard W. Smith
Company/Unit: ECHO 2nd 502
Dates: Jan-Dec 1971
Date Posted: 15:35, 22 Apr 2016
Message: Would like to see roster

Name: Ken Bylo
Company/Unit: 2/502nd 101st Airborne Widow Makers
Dates: 1967-1968
Date Posted: 22:15, 30 Mar 2016
Message: Would like to see the roster. I do not have email-you can text/call or Facebbook the password-Thanks

Name: Dawson Reece
Date Posted: 03:43, 27 Mar 2016
Message: I am not a vet but I'm trying to find a man named theodore smith, he was a widow maker in country in 68. A good friend of mine named bill huntington has spoke about him several times saying teddy saved his life three times. Bill knows I'm trying to find teddy smith for him. If anyone can help me find him or knows where I should look my phone number is 307-689-0888 or stationed out of camp eagle / way pho bai thank you

Name: Ken Heier
Company/Unit: C 3rd Plt, 3rd Sqd, 2/502
Dates: 1971
Date Posted: 21:07, 25 Mar 2016
Message: Met some our group 45 years later in a mini group or just our platoon. Nice to see them again.

Name: bill mart5in
Company/Unit: d 1st platoon
Dates: march 69 to march 70
Date Posted: 01:25, 14 Mar 2016
Message: just remembering nov 9th 1969, bad dayforfirst plt

Name: Michael Leadman
Company/Unit: USN
Dates: 69-73
Date Posted: 03:48, 11 Mar 2016
Message: Remembering a friend Steve Worley 2/502 Recondo K.I.A this date 1968

Name: Henry Kowal
Company/Unit: B/2/502
Dates: 71-72
Date Posted: 17:05, 29 Feb 2016
Message: Hello,
I served with B/2/502 2nd Platoon in 71-72. About a year ago, I was contacted by a squad leader in my platoon and told about the website, reunions and that he had given me a roll of film to take to Camp Eagle to get developed when I was going on R&R. He wanted to know is if I still had his pictures. Well I did not remember any of that.

A few weeks ago I did find pictures I sent home while cleaning out my parents home in preparation for selling it. I had not seen those pictures since I sent them from Vietnam.

My reason for writing is to ask what I need to to do in order to join and how to provide you the pictures for inclusion in your albums. My squad leader and I have identified many of the men in the photos but could use some help with a few unknowns.

I had gone through the Bravo Company link and Quitman Lockley responded with the information to contact you.

Henry Kowal

Name: Milton Caraballo
Company/Unit: 2nd Bat Co E 502 Infantry
Dates: June 1968 - Jan 28, 1970
Date Posted: 19:27, 25 Feb 2016
Message: It is important to get in touch with me due to serious medical issues. We were stationed at Hue, Fubai, Ashau Valley near Hamburger Hill. It is a delicate matter that I am going through and I need any of my fellow war companions to contact me at the earliest possible. You may reach me ASAP by e-mail or phone.
I would appreciate your assistance in this matter. Please.

Name: William Grimmett
Company/Unit: B Co. 2/502
Dates: Dec. \\\'65 til Dec. \\\'66
Date Posted: 20:19, 22 Feb 2016
Message: I was in B Co. 2/502 When Thomas Taylor (Son of Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor) commanded it. I have never visited these sites before and have lost contact with all who were in my company. Am just looking to re-establish some contact. I remember William Fingers was in the company with me and he and i had the task of writing up awards for the company after a battle in Dak To. I was in Tuy Hua, Phan Thiet, Hill 51 when Carpenter and Sabilowski got the DSC (I think this was the award) and many other areas. I was in the weapons platoon with Sergeant Elder from Mississippi but was an RTO and so was a huge target with the radio on my back. I got a huge rush as i began to run through some of the names.

Name: salvador Catalano
Company/Unit: C 2/502 101 Abn
Dates: 1965
Date Posted: 00:11, 19 Feb 2016
Message: WIA 09/02/1965 somewhere between An Khe and An Nihn while serving as M-60 Gunner on patrol after finding soldier (Pvt. Bailey) lost on patrol the night before. Assistant Gunner (Pvt. Washington) also WIA same day.

Name: Jeremiah carter
Company/Unit: C/2/502nd/101st/abn/div
Dates: Dec-65-dec 66
Date Posted: 15:37, 14 Feb 2016
Message: Hey just to remind our comrade from c/2/502nd,101st abn div that we are about to come to our 50th year since the big battle at dak-to,operation Hawthorne,a memory we all would like to forget,but those great men that lost their life,and manys that was wounded,they will always be a part of our heart,and never be forgotten.

Name: Carl M Morris
Company/Unit: Company D 2/502
Dates: 2-OCT-69 thru 23-Jul-70
Date Posted: 23:01, 13 Feb 2016
Message: Have tried to look at roster which is password protected. I never got a message what to do about the password. Can someone let me know what I need to do for a password. Thanks

Name: Norman Miller
Company/Unit: C/502
Dates: 66/67
Date Posted: 00:27, 07 Feb 2016

Name: thomas d batchelor
Company/Unit: Co C 2nd/50w
Dates: dec 65-nov 66
Date Posted: 00:01, 04 Feb 2016
Message: wow looking at website and KIA list mmm tears big time. after this tour I did two more with special forces but I believe tour with 02 was more memorable. I have tried to contact folks from company c using the nam face book stuff but no luck

Name: Greg Radtke
Company/Unit: D co. 2/502
Dates: 72/75
Date Posted: 02:06, 03 Feb 2016
Message: Just found this. Will be checking back often.

Name: Phil Gatto
Company/Unit: C Co/ HHC 2/502
Dates: Oct 66-May 67
Date Posted: 20:59, 24 Jan 2016
Message: I was in the 1st platoon of C Co in late 1966. I was on the patrol when (then) Sgt. Yost killed a tiger. I believe I was in the same platoon as Glenn Whitehead. I remember he was a pretty good guitar player and understand he might live a county close by me here in Tennessee. I'm having trouble accessing the member roster (password) again, so any info would be appreciated.

Name: Edward A. Northey
Company/Unit: B 2/502 attached
Dates: Oct 67 Thru Mar 70
Date Posted: 05:40, 22 Jan 2016
Message: Still trying to locate SSG Mark Penny stationed with SERTS in country as an Instructor in country in Bien Hua and then relocated up to Camp Eagle at the end of 1969. Ring me up Mark if you see this, Ed.

Name: Alan Tormondson
Company/Unit: D/E Company
Dates: 4/70-4/71
Date Posted: 22:11, 01 Jan 2016
Message: Hi Guys was wondering if anyone remembers me was Staff Sgt with above Companies would enjoy hearing from anyone who served with me.

Name: Art Goldsmith
Company/Unit: C- D 2/202
Dates: sep 1967 Oct 1968
Date Posted: 18:21, 01 Jan 2016
Message: ROGER R. SEIPERT I think I rememer you you were in my platoon you have no email address I would like to contact you

Name: Art Goldsmith (Goldie)
Company/Unit: C 2/502
Dates: Sept1967 - Oct 1968
Date Posted: 17:51, 01 Jan 2016
Message: My last contact was Alex Painter who passed away few years ago. Bumped into SGT Flecter at bragg once I returned to the world. I see picture of people I knew. Really miss the contacts.

Name: William Carrell
Company/Unit: A/2/502 INF.ABN
Dates: 1965 to Aug. 1966
Date Posted: 21:48, 29 Dec 2015
Message: I am always looking for anyone left from A CO. 1st platoon 65 to 66 I was the RTO. most of the time and would like to talk to anyone that I went in to Cambodia with in early july of 66

Name: Elmer L Bradford
Company/Unit: B 2/502
Dates: May 1968-Oct 1968
Date Posted: 17:07, 27 Dec 2015
Message: Was looking for someone that was in B Co at that time

Name: James R Wade, Jr. (Jim)
Company/Unit: 2/502 Co E
Dates: Aug 70 to Sept 71
Date Posted: 15:04, 13 Dec 2015
Message: Only in touch with a couple of our Brothers. Would love to find more. I only found this website today. Been a lifetime member 101st Airborne Asso. a long time.

Name: Art Goldsmith
Company/Unit: C 2/502
Dates: sep 1967 Oct 1968
Date Posted: 17:24, 06 Dec 2015
Message: Have lost contact really trying to reconnect. Alex Painter died a a while back and was my last contact with C 2/502 has not been the same since.

Name: Charles Michael Mosley (Mike)
Company/Unit: Alpha
Dates: 67-68
Date Posted: 22:45, 12 Nov 2015
Message: Hello,

Can I please more information on this group. I was in Vietnam from Sept 67 to Sept 68.

Thank you,
Mike Mosley

Name: Billie Two Feathers
Company/Unit: A&D
Dates: Oct 67 - Oct 68
Date Posted: 21:26, 12 Nov 2015
Message: Ran across Joe Nayquonabe, Charlie Company 67 . Was wounded at Dak To. His email is Joe His phone number is: 320-591-0816. I told him about the reunion next year and he's interested. If someone remembers him, he would like to hear from you.

Name: kenneth
Company/Unit: HHC 2/502
Dates: 71/72
Date Posted: 21:34, 11 Nov 2015
Message: Happy Veterans Day Strike Force members.

Name: Don nichols
Company/Unit: HHC 2/502
Dates: 71/72
Date Posted: 16:31, 11 Nov 2015
Message: happy Veterans Day everyone, don't get too drunk at the VFW😎

Name: Christopher E. Smith
Company/Unit: Headquarters A CO. Recon
Dates: 1967-1968
Date Posted: 02:37, 03 Nov 2015
Message: It was an honor to serve with the O' Deuce

Name: Billie Two Feathers
Company/Unit: A&D
Dates: 67-68
Date Posted: 17:25, 31 Oct 2015
Message: Served as "Wild Bill" Hudek back in the day. Nickname/call-sign was given by Bald Eagle . It stuck for almost 40 years. A lot of changes in my life since then, including the packaging. New nickname is "Babs". It was given by VA nurses that knew me beefore I came out. It's short for Bad Ass Billie.

Glad to have found my brothers. Plan to be in Norfolk next year. I'm on Face Book, if anyone's interested.

Roger Siepert, was glad to see you in Nashville and hope to see you next year.

Name: ray wunder
Company/Unit: b
Dates: 1967 1968
Date Posted: 19:41, 28 Oct 2015
Message: wishing all you guys well and still kicking

Name: Randy Hyde
Company/Unit: B
Dates: 2/69-2/70
Date Posted: 16:45, 21 Oct 2015
Message: Just got home from 2nd Platoon reunion in Fayette City, PA. Was a pleasure to see David Dillion (PLT leader), Bob Williams (my squad leader), Joe Ferenc, Jim Morgan, Mike Finnegan and host Dan Gregan. Had a toast of remembrance for troopers lost during our tour: John Motley, James Norman, Roger Smelser, David Theobald, Jack Williams, Alfred Alvey, Robert Grant, Earl Hoag, Roger Howes, Matthew Morton and Leon Tisdale, all lost on FSB Spear on 8 Mar 69; Douglas McPhee and Wayne Noth lost on FSB Currahee on 17 Jun 69. Also toasted our medic, Tom Meyer who died in 2003. Would welcome contact from any others who served with us.