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To all the men of the O Deuce

Below is a December 2016 update from Jim Gould, one of the men who helped create the 2/502 Memorial at Ft Campbell.

Many of you know it was voted and approved by all attending the last reunion to raise the funds to refurbish our memorial, correct and add names that were left off. Record search is far advanced from 40 years ago resulting in missed KIA's found. We now feel the list is complete.

Dale has worked tirelessly with the monument company and many of our guys coming up with the best plan to take. New black granite with names of the KIA's will be overlaid on the old list of names.

Coming up with the best way to redo the Crest and Map of Vietnam was a challenge. Dale talked with Jim Vance (B. CO) who has a lot of experience with resin molds. Ron Gillette (B. CO) has also had years of experience working with those in glass manufacturing. The reason for this statements is, the cost of trying to do a 1 of a kind cast aluminum mold, or having it cut/machined from a solid piece is ASTRONOMICAL. $8000-$11,000 for just the Crest. $4000-$7000 for the Map. This does not include the cost for the granite and engraving the names.

Wayne, from Keith Monument, suggested a brilliant idea. They have a firm that would LASER cut colored glass (like a stained glass piece) into the shapes we would need for both the Crest and Map. The glass will be as thick a they can possibly make it ( 1/4" - 3/8"). They will sandblast and then route out the precise area needed for a custom fit.

The cost for the glass tiles and having them installed is less than having cast Bronze plaques. The cost for both glass plaques is $3800-$4200. This cost, plus the cost of the black granite pieces, all prep work needed, and installation is - $25,455.00. Some funds were secured at the reunion and through donations, but we still need to raise over $16,000.00

The $25,455.00 cost is locked in for 5 years. No one wants to wait five years to raise the funds. The time is now, when the funds are raised a new re-dedication date will be set.

All monies should be sent to Ron Gillette. There was some discussion at the reunion pertaining to accountability with the funds. Ron has set up a separate account just for the memorial. Ron, Dale and myself will be in charge of all accounting.

You can sponsor a name by sending a check now. Cost per letter is $2.85

Checks should be made out to: 2ND502VN

Send checks to:
Ron Gillette
537 Andrea Circle
Livermore, CA. 94550

Thank you all for your dedication and finale support in this undertaking.

Strike Force
Jim Gould
Recondo 66-67

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