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2nd502 Ft Campbell Memorial Update - February 2017

2nd502 Ft Campbell Memorial Update

To all the men of the O Deuce

Below is a February 2017 update from Dale Joritz regarding progress of the memorial update.

I was at Fort Campbell from Jan. 17-22.
The reason for the trip was to be there to Welcome Home Our Troops. Welcome Home Ceremonies are special, no matter how many you attend. What made this even more special was, it was the 502nd returning from Iraq. If you ever get the chance to be there when they come home - DO IT.
It is an absolute Honor.

The other main reason for being at Campbell was to get all the information needed to make the revisions to our Memorial. Now knowing the procedures that have to be followed, I am glad that I was able to be here. Yes, I know we have not yet collected the money needed to pay for our Updates, but since it is an 11 hour drive for me to be there, I needed to start the procedures now.

We must have approval from Division Garrison, 2nd Brigade Commander, 502nd Regimental Commander, and Battalion Commander. We also have to inform MWR (who oversees this type of thing on Post) this can be handled through MAJ. Sanders (PAO Officer for the 502nd, when she returns to Campbell on the 25th) The other person involved will be Randall Underhill from the Assoc. He will be our Liaison between the Division and Keith Monument Co. He will assist Keith Monument in getting all the Passes and other documents needed to get on Post to do the work.

On Friday, the 20th, I met with Wayne Pils from Keith Monument. We took all the measurements and other information needed to complete the project. I signed a letter of intent, so they could start the primary steps to get the project started. If we waited until we have fully received the funds to pay for the work, we would be adding far to much time to the schedule in getting things done. Also, I just can't drop by Campbell on a couple of days notice. There is still a lot to be done, organized, approved, coordinated, to fulfill the vision we presented at our reunion last August.

I have kept in close contact with Ron Gillette on the amount of funds, that have come in for the Memorial. Right now we are right around or a little over 50%. We still have a way to go. As Jim Gould so eloquently presented, If you can help honor your buddy by sponsoring his name on the Memorial, we can shorten the time frame needed to finish our task. The cost to sponsor a name is - $2.85 per Letter. (example - John A. Doe would cost $25.65)

As always, we strive to keep all of you well informed on all matters that concern our Battalion.

Please help us finish the task we need to do, to Honor our fallen brothers.

Strike Force
Dale Joritz
Charlie Company

Checks should be made out to: 2ND502VN

Send checks to:
Ron Gillette
537 Andrea Circle
Livermore, CA. 94550

Strike Force!

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