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2nd502 Ft Campbell Memorial Update - April 2017

2nd502 Ft Campbell Memorial Update

To all the men of the O Deuce

Below is a April 2017 update from Dale Joritz regarding progress of the memorial update.

We are almost to our Goal. The Monument people are just waiting for Us to give them the Green Light.

If we can receive enough funds in the next 90 days, we will be able to have everything in place before August 10th.

Then we can hold a Re-Dedication Ceremony at the August National Reunion, being held in Nashville.

I have always been in awe of the men of the 2/502. Whenever there has been a need, You guys have stepped forward and made it happen. Just like in Nam.

Thank You All for Your Gracious Help.
We are the Best Damn Battalion in the Division.

Strike Force
Dale Joritz
Charlie Company

Checks should be made out to: 2ND502VN

Send checks to:
Ron Gillette
537 Andrea Circle
Livermore, CA. 94550

Strike Force!

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